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NEWS FLASH: Chefs Brigade turns ONE!

This amazing industry has shown Chefs Brigade overwhelming support and we are forever grateful to each and every person that has been part of our exceedingly successful first year!

All our months of research and development have allowed us to perfect our range. From sourcing industry-leading fabrics, to fine-tuning patterns and tweaking designs - which are centuries old - we have purposely set about to ensure our chefs wear the first choic...e for the professional chefs who demand the best. The support and reviews we have received during our first year in business have confirmed that we have done our vision justice, and we are taking it to the next level in 2018.

Chefs Brigade is moving forward, giving Southern African Chefs what they really want to wear in the kitchen. We share in the passion for food and Chefs, and we are making waves in the world of Chefs Apparel.

We really can’t wait to launch our new unique range for 2018, so don’t go anywhere! Such exciting times ahead!

Chefs Brigade #respecttradition


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